Our Markets

Regardless of the location, wherever in the world, Unilac Holland delivers cheese and dairy products to retailers, importers, distributors, ship-chandlers, cruise ships, shops, or industrial processors. From the smallest packaging of 20 gr to packages of 15-25 kg and even larger, we will have tailor-made solutions for every market. In terms of packaging, we have much more to offer: sliced or grated cheese, powdered cheese or cream – in retail, food service or industrial packaging – it’s all part of our range.

Retail, food service, industry, shipping or cruise ships

With our extensive range, we tap in to current food trends such as: authentic, original and 100% organic. Unilac Holland is your partner, anywhere in the world. Whether it’s cheese, long-lasting dairy products or butter, large companies such as Carrefour, Metro, and Royal Caribbean Cruises have one thing in common: they are all supplied with Unilac Holland products. Delivering these large quantities requires a great deal of logistical precision and timing. With its sophisticated network of distribution channels, Unilac Holland is fully equipped to handle this. The professional management of this complex (fresh produce) distribution is experienced by many as an art form. In doing so, Unilac Holland proves its passion for good cheese and dairy with everyone, wherever and whenever. Perhaps, with you as well!