The Old Mill

The Old Mill: matured cheese, generation upon generation

When you think of the Netherlands, you think of tulips, windmills, and cheese. The most top-of-the-line cheese is The Old Mill: a beautiful, artisanal cheese that has been made in the Netherlands for generations. With The Old Mill, we offer you Dutch cheese history that you can still taste, to this day. Generation after generation, this cheese has been masterfully developed. As one of the few Dutch products, this cheese is still matured on authentic wooden boards. We are, therefore, very proud of this delicious cheese. It’s a premium matured cheese, which every cheese-lover must have tasted at least once in their life.

The Old Mill: good traditions must be continued

Although it is an adult matured cheese, it is quite easy to cut. Following tradition, The Old Mill loves people and coziness and is a very welcome guest at the table. It can be eaten either as an individual snack or added as a sharp finishing touch to hot dishes. A lot might be changing in our lives, but some products deserve to be preserved as a good tradition – simply because they are good and will remain good. The Old Mill is one of these products. Do you like fully matured cheese? The Old Mill is the best of what generations of Dutch cheese-makers have to offer to you.