Grand’Or Butter and Milk Products

Milk products and butter from Grand’Or

Grand’Or provides you with the right quality for your other dairy needs such as milk, whipped cream, single cream, butter, yogurt, and other (liquid) milk products. We offer you a wide range of products, but also a wide variety of packaging. This allows us to deliver our products for both retail and catering, but also for the food service or industry.

Liquid milk-products

Our a wide range of liquid milk-products are mostly long-lasting products. We can help you with different products and variable packaging. These range from 0.2 liters to large packs up to 1000 kg. Private labels are also possible. Please feel free to contact us for the different options or your specific needs.

Butter made to measure

Pure butter is not only tasty but (in moderation) also healthy. Butter is a raw natural product which must contain at least 82% milk fat. Unlike, for example, (low-fat) margarine, butter is mechanically manufactured and, therefore, not chemical. The saturated fats in butter are easily digestible and butter contains substances such as vitamin A, vitamin D and minerals such as sodium, calcium, and phosphorus.

You can contact us for various types and sizes of butter; both salted or unsalted and in packs of 10 grams to 25 kg and everything in between. In addition, it is possible to provide butter with your own choice of salt or other ingredients. To summarize, there is certainly enough choice. Please feel free to inquire about the many possibilities!