Gardeli herbal cheeses: suprising variations

Exclusively from the Netherlands and specially composed by connoisseurs, we’re pleased to offer you: Gardeli herbal cheeses. Gardeli represents a delicate selection of tasteful, mild and semi-hard herbal cheeses, available in as many as 20 variants! You will be surprised by the diversity of flavors containing purely natural ingredients, which are also responsible for the various cheese colors. Buying Gardeli means buying a cheese that will not only be surprising to the taste buds but also surprising to the eyes.

Nature’s feast, to be tasted and to be seen.

The taste options within the Gardeli range are virtually endless. The combination of cheese with specific herbs creates unique taste sensations. Gardeli shows that cheese can be surprisingly versatile. The ‘standard’ range of Gardeli contains, among others, delicious cheeses with cumin, mustard, red pepper, garlic or garden herbs. But there is much, much more! Think of additions such as red and/or green pesto, lavender, truffle or fruit! Gardeli gives every meal, party or occasion extra color from nature. The different, natural colors of the cheeses, such as green, red, and even purple, make Gardeli that much more festive to present as a delicacy at parties or on the table during a cozy night at home. Delicious as an individual snack, but also on toast or on a sandwich. 

With Gardeli, you have a story Gardeli is a cheese for those who really want something different from the usual. It’s great to taste and see how our cheese is an attractive ‘marriage partner’ for many other natural ingredients! It’s one of the reasons we love making herbal cheeses ‘on request’. It often happens that customers have an idea for a taste or herb and we are happy to customize this new variant. This makes for the ever-expanding Garderli range and provides each Gardeli-cheese with its own story. 

Whatever the addition or combination, Gardeli will make for a great story at the table.