European cheese

In addition to our Grand’Or cheese and dairy label, we offer you an extensive range of European cheeses. The choice is huge: from famous cheeses like the Danish Blue to the famous French Brie, from the Italian Mozzarella to the Spanish Manchego and English Stilton and much, much more. Ask us about the unprecedented many possibilities, including less well-known specialty dairy!

Below you will find a selection from our range of popular cheese and dairy products from various European countries, with a brief explanation of their origins. Every product is of the top quality that you can expect from Unilac Holland. The assortment is varied, not only in taste but also in shape: from cheese slices to cheese wheels and from cheese blocks to delicate cheese cubes in glass jars. Do you want cheese with a mild taste? Prefer a strong taste or the typical taste of specially smoked cheese? We have a lot to offer for every cheese lover! Contact us without obligation.