Belprado: a true treat

Belprado is a unique cheese compared to other Dutch cheeses. It is an excellent, spicy cheese and thanks to its sweet, nutty taste and crunchy bite, makes it distantly reminiscent of cheeses from the Mediterranean. Belprado offers something truly special. The refined structure allows you to taste the fine crystals in the cheese, which creates a special taste sensation.

In addition to the more matured variant, there is also a younger aged Belprado. This one is wonderfully soft and creamy. 

Belprado is a Dutch quality cheese with great taste and is, therefore, one of the crown jewels in our range!

Special culture, special taste

Belprado’s special taste is owed to the unique culture of lactic bacteria that are added to milk, in addition to the usual acidification. Within a few weeks, the cheese already has a distinct aroma. After about six months, the cheese is delicious in taste and begins turning into that special cheese that makes Belprado so unique.

Here, at Unilac Holland, we offer two variants: 6 months and 10 months matured. Every maturity level has its own character. Belprado allows every cheese lover to enjoy unprecedented tastebud-pleasures. A perfect addition to your favorite drink or to top off a delicious meal, but also as an addition to hot (cheese)dishes.

Belprado makes history 

Belprado means, freely translated, beautiful meadow. The name of this type of cheese is related to a historic monastery farm located in a wooded area in the middle of the Netherlands. For decades, the special recipe of Belprado cheese has been carefully fostered. It is still matured in a traditional way, under the same unique conditions.

With Belprado, we make history.