Global Distribution

On a daily basis, our products make their way to customers all around the world by land, sky or sea. We will advise you on the most efficient method of transport, depending on the wishes, the shelf life of the products, and the volume of the order.

Efficient, flexible and customized for local markets, worldwide

Our strength lies in our flexibility and service, which is based on years of experience in export and distribution. We are used to anticipating and solving problems, as well as making sure to always offer our customers a suitable transport solution. As part of our service, we naturally ship minimum-quantity orders. However, we are also very well-versed in shipping dozens of different products in one delivery and providing both correct labeling and complete documentation according to the applicable Customs and Import regulations. With our knowledge of regulations and documentation, we are able to achieve fast delivery times.

Of course, we are happy to supplement this service with good advice on a successful range for the local market. Traceability and co-loading We monitor each process in our service and record different data on our products and their origin. In other words, Unilac Hollands ensures that you have everything under control. In consultation, we may also arrange for the delivery of your orders from other suppliers, together with your order with us.

Curious about what our experience and way of working can do for you? Please contact us. We are happy to assist you!